Coughs, Colds, Flu & Elderberry Syrup Workshop


This workshop is suitable for everyone interested in herbs from beginners to more experienced users/students of herbal medicine.

Date: Tuesday, 7th May 2024

Time: 10 AM – 12 NOON

Location: Patrizia’s Herbal Clinic & Apothecary Port Noarlunga South SA 5167

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Stay well this winter and learn how to look after yourself and your family with herbal remedies. This workshop will be honouring the Elder Mother; Sambucus nigra, European black elderberry.

You will learn to:

  • Grow, harvest, and make traditional elderberry syrup, to help you and your family quickly recover from colds, coughs, and the flu.¬†Each participant will take home an Elderberry cutting with instructions on growing, harvesting, and using this amazing herb.
  • Identify different types of coughs, the difference between a cold and flu, what to do with earaches, ear infections, and sore throats, and which herbs would be appropriate for you to use safely and effectively.

Each participant will take home a bottle of Elderberry Syrup for personal use, notes including the elderberry syrup recipe and a copy of the PowerPoint.

Workshop Outline:

  • Identify Elder Plant.
  • Propagate & Harvest.
  • Make elderberry syrup, with a demonstration including useful tips.
  • Dosage & Safety.
  • Difference between colds and flu.
  • Distinguish different types of coughs and the most suitable herbs.